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Providing Investigative and Financial Forensic Services in Roanoke and Southwest VA

“I have worked with Rich Ress in a number of complex internal white-collar investigations.  His background as an accountant and former FBI Special Agent make him a vital member of any investigative team.”


Thomas T. Cullen

Woods Rogers PLC


“I have worked many cases, complex and straightforward, with Rich. 
His investigative and analytical skills are the best I have encountered.  Rich’s ability to anticipate potential problems and craft solutions have been of great benefit to many of my clients.”


Tom Bondurant

Gentry Locke PLC


Richard Ress, a retired FBI Special Agent, has 34 years’ experience with complex investigations. 
He is a licensed investigator supporting attorneys, accountants and businesses with a variety of issues.  His broad experience and knowledge has yielded exceptional results.  His assignments are pursued
with proven integrity, discretion, persistence and professionalism.

Criminal Justice Services #11-5421

Certified Fraud Examiner # 517624

Investigator # 99-206137

Federal Tax ID # 51-0646423


Global Network of Experts

Unique and highly valuable access to law enforcement professionals around the globe.  Single point-of-contact to coordinate advanced investigative requirements:

Computer Forensics
Document Examinations
Polygraph Examinations
Handwriting Analysis
Electronic Countermeasures
Physical Security Surveys

Areas of Expertise

Theft & Embezzlement

Mail & Wire Fraud

Bank Fraud


Due Diligence Inquiries

Health Care Fraud

Money Laundering

Intellectual Property Theft

Work Place Violence & Threats

Asset Identification & Tracing

Risk Assessment

Litigation Support

25 Years’ Experience as an FBI Special Agent
Specialized Experience & Advanced Training
Federal & State Courtroom Experience
Current Top Secret Security Clearance
Certified Fraud Examiner
FBI Certified Police Instructor
Financial Sector Accountant & Financial Analyst


Applied Skills / Refined Techniques    Documents Located / Expertly Analyzed

Comprehensive / Professionally Written Reports   Clear / Concise / Organized Facts
Reliable / Accurate Results   • Court Suitable Exhibits

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